March 13, 2013 by News

    We ♥ WiFi Says “Stick It to The Man!” at SXSW

    SXSW provides the best of “free” at their annual Interactive, Film, and Music festival. Rides, phones, stress balls… No more stress balls, please, brands! One overlooked freebie has been the We ♥ WiFi  high speed WiFi network provided from March 8th through the 10th, giving some pay-as-you-go phone users who rely heavily on WiFi usage, like myself, access outside of the main conference hubs. Powered by open “whitespace” radio spectrum, kind of like open source WiFi, free wireless installations like We ♥ WiFi are the result of not having to ask the big boys for access.

    As we still fight to keep our once-open resources open, you are persuaded to petition the FCC to refrain from selling this public resource to companies like Verizon. If we don’t, we might not have the ability to share our truly most public resource next year, Instagram pics!

    Check out more on We ♥ WiFi here.

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