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    Usable Social Media

    Our Social Media servicing options include:

    Social Media Audit/ Competitive Analysis

    A comprehensive look at your current social media practices and how they compare with your competition. This service also includes an audit of your website for opportunities to incorporate user-generated content, interactivity, e-commerce and inter-website social media options such as a blog, viral components and/or custom social networking site.

    Social Profile Creation (includes CSS Style Wraps for Campaigns)

    Your social media profile can include a simple custom background during the management of your profile to design options incorporating custom CSS, Flash and widgets during a campaign. We use the best and most experienced design partners with a knowledge of designing for social profiles.

    Community Monitoring/ Reporting

    Monitoring your online brand allows for an understanding of the consumer perceptions and insights which are most relevant to your client. We also mine your competition, drawing information on how related brands position/ sell themselves online. Comprehensive market intelligence reports are created monthly during management and after the term of the campaign.

    Online Reputation Management

    Through closely monitoring your brand, we will be equipped to respond to and manage negative/ potential negative comments/ feedback about your brand. Your positive feedback is then distributed throughout your online networks.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Branding your business online through SMO urges consumers to view your brand as well established in your industry, and equate your business with your products/ services. Our SMO options will increase linkability to your site through rewards to partner sites, create portable content options, brand you as an expert, and most importantly drive traffic to your site.

    Content Creation

    Good content is key to building and engaging a following, and branding your organization. We have some of the best writers on staff to create solid content for your blog, partner blogs, or for daily updating. Also, through our Blogger Outreach service, we create a diverse and fresh voice in your blog content. We utilize bloggers with high subscription profiles, and that are willing to distribute your message through their networks.

    Digital PR/ Advertising for Campaigns

    To promote the launch of social profiles, blogs, and events to their extent, we recommend the use of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets (Twitter-based ad platform) and other 3rd party advertising initiatives. Our renowned Digital Press Releases are also included in your package and are distributed through your networks and ours to help promote your campaign fluidly and quickly.

    Award winning creative agency

    We are building for tomorrow because tomorrow is the future and we want to make a contribution to the wonderful digital age that is awaiting us.