July 24, 2012 by News

    Usable Mobile Apps

    We consider the Mobile App to be the height of Social Media. If your desire is to reach a consumer, what better way to do that than right in their pocket, on their mobile phone?! LCH Business creates applications for businesses to assist in a highly visible marketing strategy, provide a unique distribution of content, such as a video or commercial about your brand/ product and to be a contender in the new, innovative and highly effective mobile market. Our mobile app servicing includes:

    Custom Mobile App Development

    We develop custom iPhone/ iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm mobile applications for small to mid-level brands, celebrities, and nonprofits. We specialize in unique usability features. A fun game or informational content that subscribers just can’t live without, will bring visibility to your app quickly and easily. We integrate your social media, blog content, and leverage mobile ad strategy and in-app purchasing (where applicable) to help our clients monetize their apps.

    We host your app on our development account for free, and include free maintenance for the first year of your hosting.


    > White Label App Solutions

    We also develop for other developers/ firms and are happy to host apps not developed by us as well.


    > Additional Mobile Servicing

    • Database Creation/ Management
    • GUI Design
    • Database Development/ Hosting
    • Application Hosting/ Maintenance
    • Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • Mobile Ad Strategy
    • iPad Curriculums for Education
    • eBook Conversion/ Submission
    • Barcode Technologies

    Award winning creative agency

    We are building for tomorrow because tomorrow is the future and we want to make a contribution to the wonderful digital age that is awaiting us.