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    Usable Experiences: Ski Much? Vermont From NYC For $40!

    Skiing in Vermont this Sunday? That’s so fetch. Sorry, I’ve been watching ‘Real Kids of Beverly Hills.’ I won’t say ‘fetch’ again… A weekend ski trip in Vermont is actually more tangible than you think. From NYC the round trip will only cost you $40.* Yep!

    It’s good to know that in our over-worked, non-vacation-taking society that we have a friend in Vermont. One can plan a day or weekend ski trip to Vermont stock with a lush round trip bus experience, ski equipment rental, smooth slopes, really good food and of course cheese (que the Cabot Grilled Cheese at 1900′ Burger), and at a more than fair price. No catch. I had a ball at the Mount Snow (Mt. Snow) Ski Resort in Vermont!

    While there are several Vermont resorts to choose from, Mt. Snow is the closest. From NYC it takes a little under 5 hours to get there. The resort boasts a variety of lodging, dining choices, ambitious slopes and is really green conscious – if that sort of thing excites you, like it does me.  They also seem much friendlier than most resorts I’ve visited. Welcome Committees staffed with ‘sweet-as-pie’ retirees hand out granola bars, give directions and help police the slopes. Groups are also welcome. Mt. Snow has a dedicated lodge and staff dedicated specifially to large groups.

    More About Mt. Snow


    If you decide to stay the weekend, Mount Snow owns and operates the 197‐room Grand Summit Resort Hotel and Conference Center and the 92‐room Snow Lake Lodge. Six different condominium complexes are located on resort property. There are a variety of accommodations ranging from Vermont country inns to bed and breakfasts and motels. The Mount Snow Valley has approximately 10,000 total beds available between all of the lodging properties.

    All Snow, All The Time

    After Peak Resorts acquired Mount Snow, their first priority was to upgrade the snowmaking system so the mountain would be prepared ‘if Mother Nature was being fickle.’ Following a more than $10 million investment, Mount Snow is now home to 253 high output/high efficiency snowmaking fan guns – the most of any resort in North America. This summer the resort is also replacing miles of old snowmaking pipe to dramatically improve the system’s efficiency. This means all snow, all the time.

    Mount Snow Is So Green!

    For the Green enthusiasts, Mount Snow has taken significant steps to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

    • They have replaced air/water snowmaking guns with high output/high efficiency fan guns several years ago to save an average of 200,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

    • Waste oil is recycled and used to heat the Mountain Operations building, about 1,200 gallons per year.

    • Waste heat from snowmaking compressors is pumped into the Main Base Lodge and Clocktower Building to supplement heating during the winter, reducing the amount of heating oil needed.

    • They have implemented single stream recycling, and recycled 48.11 tons of material. This has allowed Mt. Snow to spend an average of 26% less on hauling fees, but most importantly, send less waste to the landfill.

    So if you find that you need a quick break or have a craving for a really good grilled cheese sandwich this weekend, head up to Mt. Snow. Buses leave from several locations in NYC including Emilio’s Ski Shops, Blades and a few others. You can buy your tickets in advance (recommended as buses fill up quickly), or simply show up at the 4AM boarding time.

    Not a great skier? Ask for lessons from Rosie and Chip. They have been skiing the slopes as a couple for 40 years, and were very patient with my friend and I as we forgot that we weren’t gold medal skiers.

    *$40 is for the roundtrip bus pass only. Ski Rental, Lift Ticket, Lodging and Dining are additional.

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