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    Usable Experiences: On Being a Catalyst… @lindseycholmes goes to The Downtown Project’s #CatalystWeek!


    Lindsey C. Holmes, CEO/ Lead Strategist, Usable Tech Co is headed to Catalyst Week! This experience hosted in Downtown Las Vegas brings together select thought leaders to share best practices, leverage unique talents, and tap into bouts of Tony Hsieh’s ‘happyness’ framework to achieve community.

    Some of the attendees

    Click here to view all of the Catalyst Week Attendees.

    The premise was developed by CatalystCreativ, a Downtown Project funded company with a mission ‘to provide a window for the rest of the world into Downtown Project and [Downtown Las Vegas].’ The Downtown Project is a venture founded by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos with the core intention of revitalizing Downtown Las Vegas. Attendees of Catalyst Week will participate in landmark talks from curator Endemol Beyond, Tim Sanders, former Yahoo CIO and best selling author, and many notable leaders of the digital space.

    Endemol Beyond, the largest independent television production company on the planet, will curate the week centered around the evolution of storytelling. We will explore how the digital world has affected the way media, television, and content in general, are evolving to meet our mobile and social culture. Learn more about August Catalyst Week and the attendees here.

    Unique experiences like Catalyst Week allow Usable Tech Co to infuse a well rounded creativity into our client projects and expand our resource base. Learn more about Usable Tech Co’s experiences here.


    About CatalystCreativ

    CatalystCreativ is a Downtown Project funded company that started in Vegas in August 2012. Their mission is to provide a window for the rest of the world into Downtown Project. They do this by creating unique and meaningful experiences in DTLV that encourage guests to engage with the project beyond Catalyst Week and spread the message of DTP to their own communities.

    About Endemol Beyond

    Endemol is the largest independent television production company on the planet, with credits that include international hits Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout and more. With Endemol Beyond, the company is leveraging its world-class creative capabilities, global reach, vast resources, and powerhouse reputation to build a portfolio of premium digital networks anchored by marquee talent.

    About Lindsey C. Holmes

    Lindsey is an award-winning usability, digital and tech strategist with 15 years experience in Writing, Marketing/ Digital PR and Business. She has used her self-taught programming skills and a strong passion to empower through tech, to become a key player in the Web 2.0 industry. Lindsey is the Evernote Entrepreneurship Ambassador/ Evernote Certified Business Consultant, proud alumna of The Madeira School and Sarah Lawrence College.

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