May 16, 2015 by News

    Usable Experiences: Lindsey C. Holmes To Speak in South Africa at 25th African Union (AU) Summit

    The 25th African Union (AU) Summit will take place June 7 -15, 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This year’s theme, “Year of Women Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063” will spark plenary sessions, meetings and satellite events looking to further the very necessary Agenda 2063. CEO/ Lead Strategist, Usable Tech Co and sought after speaker, Lindsey C. Holmes will present on the role key technology should play during Agenda 2063 and best practices for implementation.

    Evernote Training during the AU Summit

    During her time in South Africa, Lindsey will also be conducting an exclusive Evernote training for interested Individuals, Small Businesses and Corporations. Interests are invited to sign up here.


    About Agenda 2063

    Agenda 2063 is an ‘approach to how the continent of Africa should effectively learn from the lessons of the past, build on the progress now underway and strategically exploit all possible opportunities available in the short, medium and long term, so as to ensure positive socioeconomic transformation within the next 50 years.’ Learn more about Agenda 2063 here.


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