Lindsey C. Holmes, CEO/ Lead Strategist, Usable Tech Co speaks to a variety of audiences around the world.
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    Interested in booking a custom, in-person training for your organization on Evernote, Digital Marketing/ Branding, Entrepreneurship/ Leadership, or any of our many Tech specialties? Contact us for a quote. We also offer a full range of online courses for individuals (see below).

    Corporate Sharing

    This course examines the importance of an in-house corporate communication strategy and the tools to implement one successfully.

    Healthcare: Social Media for Organ Donation

    This course instructs the leadership of major organ donation organizations on how to fundraise and inform through social media.

    Evernote (for Real Estate, for Blogging)

    This course topic is popular amongst organization of all sizes and industries. From ‘How To’s’ to Customized Deployments. See our Evernote page for more information.

    Moderating: How to Be Moderator Royalty

    A comprehensive interactive five hour session on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of being a great Moderator. Key points include: Moderator Presence/ Body Language, Eye Contact, Tonality, Charm, The Introduction of panelists, How to properly ‘interrupt’ for an engaging panel

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    Evernote for Real Estate


    Keller Williams NYC (Agents Only)

    Evernote for Real Estate


    Sarah Lawrence College (Private)

    Online Branding for Entrepreneurs & Artists


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    Evernote E5 Conference

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