September 25, 2013 by News

    The NEW #Evernote On IOS7 – It’s Kind Of Amazing! + #EC2013 & 1 Free Month Of Evernote Premium!!


    Just landed in San Francisco. Played with the new Evernote for iOS7 on the plane and can say it is nothing short of insane! It’s super fast, does shortcuts with precision and has some nice visual changes for you design junkies. There is also a new sharing feature called Airdrop, reminiscent of Mac’s own feature, that let’s you share notes with those near by… A new way to share?? You know that’s my thing! I apologize in advance for the Evernote Conference (#EC2013) attendees that will be airdrop-spammed by me constantly during the conference. Constantly…


    EC3: Evernote’s annual conference in San Francisco is happening September 26-27 and is sure to bring many more big updates with the same gravity of Evernote on iOS7. The Moleskine Smart Notebook was unveiled last year after all and we learned that Evernote truly is our notable world – transcending your computer or phone screen to your paper notes if you choose. The best technology meets you exactly where you are…

    Evernote has given me a code to share with my readers. Use ‘EC25’ to get 25% off of the 3rd annual Evernote Conference! Watch closely for more amazing updates/ announcements before, during and after #EC2013. You’ll get the ‘First Look’ by subscribing here or at


    Just want to test the Evernote waters before jumping all the way in? Use this link to get one month free premium. After the month if you decide to sign up, it’s only $5/ month or $45 year for Premium or $0 for a great Free version as well.

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