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    The HUB: Social for Events

    Interactive events are a preferred choice for today’s event attendees. Achieved mainly through social media, participants will add longevity to your event, and create a vast reach for event buzz, as well as your brand. Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, UStream and additional social media based sites with Online Document Viewing capabilities, Photo Storage, Video Streaming and Virtual Content Management, LCH Business has created ‘The HUB,’ an interactive, engaging and sure to amaze, social media strategy for your event.

    Digital PR

    Press Release distributed through popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and the LCH Business Blog. SocialMedia Reach of 50,000+ Subscribers, Email Distribution/ Partner Pro?le Reach of 250,000+ Subscribers

    Live Event Branding

    Branding your company/ event #hashtag for live conferencing, distributing links to online content/ media that will be used during the event.

    Social Media Profile Setup

    Set up of Live Twitter Feed, Online Document Site, Link Tracker for URLs, and a popular event feature, a cross-platform mobile phone application that allows participants to create and exchange contact information quickly and easily. We call this our Digital Networking session. The contact manager will provide your company’s contact details to attendees, attendee contact details to hosts, allows for a custom event group ie. ‘Your Company’ Digital Networking Group and will provide immediate updates to your company’s virtual business card to subscribers after the event.

    During Your Event

    Social Media Plan Implementation

    Managing the Live Twitter Chat (Monitoring/ Adjusting Speed of Chat), Encouraging attendee participation in the Live Twitter Chat through your company #hashtag, Distributing links to Online Content Site, Announcing Speakers and Disseminating Conference Updates/ Announcements through Social Media Channels and facilitating ‘Your Company’ Digital Networking Session.

    Custom Aggregator Site

    An aggregator site, aggregates (places together in one place) your social media profiles, tools and/ or content for access and ease during an event. Event goers can watch a live stream from Ustream, tweet in real time on Twitter, send updates to Facebook, view brand content on Scribd, and more.

    See an example of a custom aggregator site that we did for the Minority Media & Telecom Council’s Broadband & Social Justice Conference 2011 here.

    After Your Event


    We provide full scale reporting for your event. We measure url clicks and impressions, social profile follower ratios, including demographic information, and engagement.

    Mobile Application Consultation

    Custom mobile application options for your firm. See our mobile application development services here.


    Continuation via a fully integrated Social Media Campaign to boost your following and drive new subscribers to Social MediaChannels and Website.

    Ask us about this service!

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