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    The Benefits of Evernote Public and Shared Notebooks


    One of my favorite aspects of Evernote is the sharing features—Shared Notebooks and Public Notebooks, in particular. I create Shared and Public Notebooks for a range of things that are at the core to my agency’s approach to management, strategy and execution.

    Shared vs. Public Notebooks

    You can share a notebook with one or more individuals and, if you’re a Premium Evernote user, grant modification rights to other users. You can also create Public Notebooks by creating a public link to a notebook that can be posted anywhere, allowing anyone who has access to that link to view your notebook and ‘Join’ it. When you join a Public Notebook, it will automatically be saved to your Evernote account, where you can sync it along with your other notebooks from any device where you have Evernote installed.

    At my Usable Tech Co, we create Shared Notebooks for:

    • Events: To easily share information including itineraries and digital programs, speaker and sponsor content, as well as valued resources for attendees.
    • Clients: When we sign on a new client, we create Public Notebooks to easily share their content with social networks.

    Evernote’s really accessible API allows us to easily create automated sharing scripts for our notebooks, but non-techies can use integrations like IFTTT to automate tasks, such as publishing updates to Shared Notebooks directly to their Twitter account.

    Onboarding new clients with Shared Notebooks

    When onboarding new clients, we create two notebooks; one is shared with only a handful of individuals and holds encrypted information like email addresses and payment details, and the other includes contracts, reports, and checklists for project collaboration. The second Shared Notebook is accessible by multiple team members, so we can all work together more efficiently. Not only am I able to provide my clients access to their content instantly, I’m able to scale my small business by automating tasks.

    Public Notebooks for sharing information with my local community

    In addition to using Public and Shared Notebooks for my work, I also create Public Notebooks to contribute to my local community. My Emergency Preparation notebook, created for Newark, NJ and its surrounding areas during Hurricane Irene, is a model that communities can use to easily prepare for major emergencies and, wireless Internet permitting, disseminate information quickly. In this Public Notebook, users will find emergency checklists, FEMA information and local emergency numbers. Gaining access to these resources quickly and easily can make a big difference in emergency situations. (Pro Tip: Save important notebooks like this offline for use even without wireless Internet with the Evernote Premium Offline Notebooks feature.)

    Evernote Business

    To get the most out of notebook sharing at work, I recommend checking out Evernote Business.

    Evernote Business is the optimal solution for sharing knowledge across your organization, and comes with all the features of Evernote and Evernote Premium, plus a variety of new features specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Evernote Business features include the ability to create Business Notebooks that can be shared with others, access to the Business Library, where users can publish Business Notebooks for the benefit the entire company, powerful knowledge discovery capabilities with Related Notes and Related Results, increased monthly upload allowance and more. Learn how Usable Tech Co can help you get the most out of Evernote Business.

    Do you use Shared Notebooks or Public Notebooks to be more productive? 




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