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    October 31, 2012 by News

    EVERNOTE ACTION TAGS [EatTags] w/ Cheat Sheet

    Have you tried EAT Tags? EAT Tags or Evernote Action Tags allow you to do more with your Evernote simply by adding a tag to your note. For example, you can post the contents of a note directly to your Wordpress blog simply by adding the tag ‘eat.wordpress.post.’ Yep, and it’s formatted very nicely! Not ready to post? Add a wordpress draft through the tag ‘eat.wordpress.draft.’ They also have tags for sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. My favorite by far is ‘eat.toc.’ By adding this tag to a blank note in a notebook, the service creates a Table of Contents. Kind of brilliant.

    July 12, 2012 by News

    MLOVE: A Little Mobile Zen for the Soul

    I spent a most empowering week in a castle in Germany, exploring the current state and the future of mobile. The MLOVE ConFestival gathered 200 thought leaders from around the world, exploring how communication and mobile are progressing quickly and how it is indeed our responsibility to make mobile technology usable – helping the underserved, challenging human constraint, and communicating more effectively as a society.

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