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Pebble Launches Official Evernote Integration at SXSW

Pebble announced an integration with Evernote today. The popular device that is fueling the smart watch ecosystem, along with the popular productivity app, has given enthusiasts the abilty to access checklists, reminders and notebooks, with more rolling out in the near future. According to Evernote:

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Usable Launch: New Book! — Notable Healthcare: Managing Your Health Through Evernote. One Note at a Time! is in The Trunk. #From Evernote

Yay! My new Evernote book is officially in The Trunk! I’m especially proud of this one since it’s co-written with one of my favorite clients, Cardiologist Dr. Jeff Steinhoff.  He is truly passionate about heart health aka saving lives, healthy living, and organizing the way we manage our health. He feels that effective access to a patient’s records can make or break a diagnosis. Hence this book.

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