May 24, 2016 by News

    Recap: Let’s Go Viral at the Celebration of Womanhood S.T.E.A.M Conference

    This past Saturday I led three workshops hosting promising future Scientists, Computer Programmers, Digital Marketers, and more. The young women at the Celebration of Womanhood S.T.E.A.M Conference at Kean University, an initiative by Someone’s Daughter Inc., learned about my journey into and passion for Digital Marketing. They also learned about social media campaigns and how if properly planned and executed, they can change lives. #BringBackOurGirls is a good example of a powerful cause campaign.We then developed our own campaign. 

    We started with a brand message – #SomeonesDaughter is clarion call to the fact that we are all indeed ‘someone’s daughter’ and there is power in that. Our dreams, goals and drive should be dictated by this. 

    We also crafted content, developed graphics and used the hashtag #SomeonesDaughter to mobilize our campaign and track our success. Check out our success here.


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