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    Notable Healthcare: Managing Your Health Through Evernote,
    One Note At a Time!

    Notable Healthcare explores the growing world of self-monitoring and pharmaco-informatics, and how Evernote should be at the center of helping you measure your health. Through this book Evernote users learn to record their health easily and with little effort, while their doctors gain the ability to make smart decisions based on their results.
    In this guide, you’ll learn how to
    • collect and monitor health stats through Evernote
    • collect and document key health records – securely
    • best use the 3rd Party integrations that allow you to measure your health through Evernote
    Notable Healthcare for Doctors

    Notable Healthcare for Doctors equips you with best practices for helping your patients measure their health electronically, a great transition into Emergency Medical Records (EMR).
    In this guide, you’ll learn how to
    • monitor and quantify your patient’s health through Evernote
    • to collect and organize your research in Evernote
    • avoid HIPAA violations by using Evernote the right way
    • significantly scale Emergency Medical Records (EMR) transition costs
    As part of your purchase, you’ll receive:
    – Notable Healthcare + Notable Healthcare for Doctors
    (PDF download)
    – Access to the exclusive Notable Healthcare shared notebook, which is full of exclusive content from award-winning doctors and thought leaders in pharmaco-informatics to help you productively manage your health.
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    About the Authors
    Dr. Jeff Steinhoff is an award-winning cardiologist that has used Evernote to help successfully manage his patients and life. His co-author, Lindsey C. Holmes, Evernote Small Business Ambassador and author, Blogging w/ Evernote and co-Author, INTEGRATE: Evernote, taught he and his staff how to use it.


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