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    Have you been wondering how to get more out of Evernote?

    INTEGRATE: Evernote walks you through how to use Evernote in your daily work, and specific ideas on integrating its third-party integrations to extend its functionality and boost your productivity.

    In this book, you’ll learn how to use Evernote and its 3rd-party Trunk partners to:
    • Streamline and automate your workflow
    • Go paperless
    • Corral your contacts
    • Manage your marketing
    • Share information
    • Consolidate your financial records
    • …and much more!
    INTEGRATE: Evernote is designed for people who are already somewhat familiar with using Evernote (it’s not for absolute beginners). If you’re looking to enhance and upgrade your Evernote use, or are curious about how it can be super-charged to maximize your workflow, INTEGRATE: Evernote is perfect for you!

    As part of your purchase, you’ll receive:

    – INTEGRATE: Evernote eBook (PDF download)
    – Access to the exclusive INTEGRATE: Evernote shared notebook, which is full of resources and templates to help you get the most out of Evernote

    If you’ve been looking to take your Evernote use to the next level, INTEGRATE: Evernote is for you.

    What people are saying about INTEGRATE: Evernote

    INTEGRATE: Evernote is an awesome resource for those who want take the next step with their Evernote Fu. There is a whole new world outside their once you discover the power that integration of Evernote with other services will bring to you. But nowadays there are so many options to choose that a great guide (or better two like Lindsey and Josh) is helpful for finding the tools to improve your Evernote workflow dramatically. Beside the great content of the ebook the real magic happens in the Repo that they offer – you get a shared Evernote notebook full of tips, guides, links, plugins, scripts and templates. And they are updating it regularly, so you are always getting the freshest info and your Evernote Fu will become better every day. If you are serious about Evernote, buy this book. Period. – Patrick Stöckmann

    What I love about the book is that it’s a niche within a niche. Even with 30.000.000 users, Evernote is still a niche product. Integrate is a book that clarifies a niche within Evernote: How to integrate your daily professional or private routines within the software. Clear instructions, greag visuals. And some great tips, even for me, an Evernote user since 2008!


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