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    Do you love ‘blogging’ but hate ‘to blog’? Can I help you make it easier?
    Blogging w/ Evernote shows you how to use Evernote to make your blogging efforts more productive, easier, automated, and cost-effective. In this guide, you’ll learn how to
    • automate and optimize your blogging efforts
    • use the 3rd Party integrations that allow you to blog right from your Evernote
    • create an advanced blogging research/ filing system in Evernote
    • use Shared Notebooks the right way
    • market your blog and gain unique subscribers
    • measure your blogging success using Evernote
    Blogging w/ Evernote is the first in a series of niche focused Evernote manuals by Small Business Ambassador Lindsey C. Holmes. Lindsey has been using Evernote since 2009 and is known for her knowledge of its vast capabilities and varied use-cases. If you are a Small Business (or a Medium or Large Business), a Mommy/ Daddy, a Fashionista, a Gossip Girl, a Professional Blogger, a Casual Blogger, or anyone that wants to blog smarter, this book is for you!
    As part of your purchase, you’ll receive:
    – Blogging w/ Evernote (PDF download)
    – Access to the exclusive Blogging w/ Evernote shared notebook, which is full of resources and templates to help you get the most out of Blogging w/ Evernote.


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