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Proconit – Usable Tech Co
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May 24, 2013 by News


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Proconit delivers the benefits of social evaluation, interactive surveys, and nicely designed embeddable widgets with their new service. The widgets, called ‘Procons,’ are created after defining the topic of discussion and the two sides of the issue one is looking to gather an opinion on. The audience – either the web at large or a specific group is then invited to provide their opinion. Sharing features also promote driving traffic back to your networks and website. The app is provided free, supplemented by light ads, and utilizes current user social media profiles for easy sign in. The premium version of Proconit adds some unique features such as resizing and changing widget colors, timed expiration of the procon, traffic insights and an ad program to monetize content.

The ease and speed at which we can gather data today is remarkable and has secured the bottom line of many businesses. Proconit uses an all-in-one polling system, social media integration and ease to provide user insight into key topics and/ or business decisions.