May 9, 2013 by News

    PaddleYou provides Custom Ping Pong Paddle Branding Genius

    The popular saying used to be, “There’s an app for that.” But, with the wave of niche startups in just about anything that you can imagine, the new saying should be, “There is a startup for that…and that, and that.’”

    PaddleYou is leading the way. This creative startup lets you custom design ping pong paddles using photos from Instagram, Facebook, or your computer.

    Why would you want a custom ping pong paddle, you ask?

    1. The obvious reason: You are vain – why would you not want to adorn your coveted ping pong paddle with your likeness? Even if you don’t play ping pong, decorative ping pong paddle wall art, with your likeness, would be a surefire conversation starter.

    2. Branding and Marketing: Brands – host a ping pong battle at your next conference with the logos of your sponsors. Your sponsors will get valuable brand presence during the game and even more exposure for winning… That’s a good one! You owe me.

    3. For the Win: Because when the online movement to champion the sport of ping pong, and a startup to teach us how to be champion ping pong players emerges, you will be prepared with your hot, branded ping pong paddle.

    Custom paddles are available now on for $29.

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