March 31, 2014 by SXSW

    Live Streaming App Hang w/ Helped Fans Enjoy 50 Cent’s SXSW Show, Despite Capacity Issues

    Thousands were turned away from the 50 Cent concert courtesy of Hang w/ at 1100 Warehouse at SXSW on Wednesday due to capacity issues. He performed a preview of songs from his new album, “Animal Ambition,” available for pre-order March 18. Capacity is a never-ending problem at the ever-growing SXSW. However, fans still got the opportunity to experience his performance. Through Hang w/, the mobile streaming app available for Android and iOS, fans could stream the concert and simultaneously chat about the show. Anyone could have watched the show, in fact – not just fans in Austin or even fans who downloaded the app. Hang w/ also streams live via Facebook wall.

    Hang w/ lets you watch broadcasts of your favorite musicians, actors, athletes and celebs – ‘or turn the camera around and become a Hang w/ celeb yourself.’ Learn more about Hang w/ here.

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