September 8, 2013 by News

    Lessons to Learn from a Drag Queen


    I’m not gay, just happy — ;). That’s how I landed at the largest gay pride festival Charlotte has had in 19 years last weekend. I was in Charlotte for a friend’s birthday, and was welcomed by gorgeous Queens in fire wares, aka Drag Queens–a few famous ones in particular, Coco Montrese, Detox and Alyssa from RuPaul’s Drag Race  Seeing the ladies prep for their craft, perform, and wow the crowd gave me some lessons that I hope to apply to my life continually. Here are five life lessons to learn from a Drag Queen:

    1. Never Let Them See You Sweat: A wind machine, a twirl that produces a handkerchief tucked down in a bosom, even a big a** costume with glitter, you’ll never see a Queen sweat. Life is a magical illusion. Things may appear one way, and a single moment later be another. Do whatever you must to make life work. Never let them see you sweat!

    2. Stay on the Front Foot: Ever seen a Drag show? The best are filled with elaborate twirls, turns and splits. A dancer knows that to transition from one move to another, one must stay on the front foot: literally. Stay on the front foot of action in life and your business.

    3. Glue Fixes Everything: From hair to a glittertastic costume – Glue fixes things. What’s the glue holding your business/life, ideas, core together? Discover this and take it wherever you go.

    4. Every Queen Has a Song: Adopt your mantra and sing it!

    5. Paint the Green-Eyed Monster Gold: I am always a little suspicious of those who protest around Pride-centered festivals/marches. I wonder if their bigoted attempt to thwart the fun is due to a secret desire to actually partake in the festivities, or a jealousy of how to master being free… In the face of rocks thrown and hate-spewing protestors, I was proud of one resilient Queen who smiled and said, “You have to be hot out here with all of this protesting. Can I offer you a cold glass of lemonade?”

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