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    [Interview] Evernote for Work – How Usable Tech Co uses Evernote

    Evernote for Work: Evernote for Your (Big or Small) Business

    Evernote is a powerful tool for keeping track of all aspects of your life – both personal AND work. Evernote is making their businesses smarter! This interview, moderated by Evernote’s User Education Specialist, Joshua Zerkel, CPO®, gives you a window into how Lindsey C. Holmes, Lead Strategist, Usable Tech Co uses Evernote with her small team.

    How many people are in your business, and how many of them use Evernote? What roles do they have in your company?

    Seven – 3 Project Managers, 1 In-House Developer, 1 Staff Assistant, 1 Events Manager, 1 Head of Content.

    How did you get started using Evernote in your business?

    I saw the publishing ability early on. I began using Evernote to create, manage, edit and then share my content.

    What were some of the first things you did with Evernote in your business?

    To take basic notes from client calls, save travel information and as a DIY CRM system.

    What are some specific ways you use Evernote in your business now?

    We use Evernote Business to manage our Clients, and agency resources like Stock Art, and various Knowledge Bases. We use Evernote Premium and a 3rd party app to blog/ as a CMS for our site. We recently added more content development servicing to our offerings so content is created in Evernote as well.

    Take us through a typical business day, and how Evernote fits into your company’s workflow (both for you and for your team).

    My entire organization is run through Evernote and tons of 3rd Party integrations. We are very project-based, so Project Managers live in a notebook from on-boarding to the end of a contract. Reminders set the tone for our day.

    9:00 AM – We check on any upcoming client needs (most preempted by our Evernote daily reminder email.) These needs can be potential service issues or a blog post/ release that needs to be sent on their behalf. Reminders have replaced our Editorial Calendar. We distribute content through Evernote and have begun offering clients blog systems on

    11:00 AM – Staff Meeting. If in the office, we project pitch plans, upcoming opportunities, or progress reports held in Evernote. Remotely we use Uberconference that allows us to pull up content from Evernote to share on our screen.

    12:00 PM – Lunch. Clients/ Potential clients are often entertained for lunch, expenses are tracked through Expensify.

    1:00 PM – 5:00PM – General Maintenance/ Independent Project Work, Forecasting/ Pitching. We of course use Evernote here as well, from sharing new contracts with Evernote integration Hello Sign, using Mind Maps that get saved in Evernote, and visiting our Stock Art Library now hosted through the Business Library feature.

    General Client Management – How did you introduce people in your business to Evernote?

    I supply my staff with a manual, as well introducing a few non-business related use cases to get them excited about using the tool to enhance their own lives. i.e. Automating their bank accounts with File This Fetch, or sharing to their social media accounts easily.



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