January 13, 2012 by News

    Inqloud (Formerly Eversyncer): Forward Emails Directly Into Evernote Notebooks

    If you’ve discovered your Evernote email address you know that it’s the best thing for saving your content in Evernote since slice bread. Saving a bill or an email for archival is as simple as a forward, and with a few integers in the subject, Evernote even allows you to send that email to a specific notebook for one-stop filing. The problems I found with my forwarding workflow was two-fold however:

    1. I may have a lot of notebooks – personal notebooks, business notebooks, notebooks for every single client – and sometimes I can’t remember what I name them to even do the integer thingie.

    2. What about Automation? You can’t set a filter to forward using the integer sequence and as I am huge fan of automation, I like the idea of being able to automatically forward client emails, for example, to my Evernote, and not having to perform the extra step of moving those emails from my default Evernote account to my preferred account manually. Manual is not automation.


    Eversyncer has solved these problems, creating unique email addresses for each of your notebooks and saving those email addresses to your address book. This means you can set a filter to email directly into that notebook or simply email directly to a specific notebook when you want – easily!/

    What can you do with InQloud


    • Give an InQloud Eversyncer address to team members and let them email content in for easy project management/

    • Give a client their own notebook/ Eversyncer address and let them email content right into their own notebook/

    • Set up an email filter to send repeat emails to a notebook or use IFTTT. Set a time to review them daily/

    Read more about EverSyncer here.

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