November 6, 2013 by News

    iMedicare Makes Medicare Painless

    Flaviu Simihaian aims to make Medicare cost effective, help pharmacists and their patients navigate an often too difficult system in healthcare, and stop world hunger. The young CEO of iMedicare, a Medicare comparison app available for iOS, has achieved two of the three…

    iMedicare helps pharmacists and Medicare patients shop for Medicare insurance plans in “under 2 minutes,” by comparing monthly costs, the Medicare Part D coverage gap (the Medicare donut hole), patient location, and other enrollment options. The current system, a very manual one, can take doctors between 30-45 minutes per patient. With Medicare patients being the highest consumers of prescription drug services, the value in providing painless and cost-saving consultations to these patients is a smart investment.

    iMedicare received $400k in Seed funding earlier this year.

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