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    Happy Holidays from Usable Tech Co + The Burning Bowl

    I’m writing to personally thank you for your support, faith, and patronage this year. You have helped to keep this 10 year old small business alive. Sincerely, I thank you. I’d also like to share a family tradition that hopes to bring all the dreams and prosperity you could ask for in the New Year. The ‘Burning Bowl’ ceremony allows you to relinquish all of the negativity, grudges, resentments that can block our good. Learn how to perform the ‘Burning Bowl’ ritual below and have a safe and happy holiday!

    Lindsey C. Holmes/ @lindseycholmes


    The Burning Bowl

    1. Gather materials – Paper (I prefer Parchment Paper for quick burning), a Pen, Pot (or fire safe bowl), and Matches.

    2. Write all of the things that you want to rid your life from in 2016. This can be anything that you don’t want in your life. ‘Negative Thoughts, Laziness, etc.’ This should be written in list form. Note: If you would like to rid your life of a specific person, I would suggest that you avoid listing them, but focus on negative traits attached to that person. For example, ‘Attracting people that don’t have my best interest at heart.’

    3. Alone, or with family and friends burn your list over an open flame.

    4. Spend some time in quiet reflection and visualize all the things holding you back, drifting away.

    5. Optional: Write a letter of the things that you want to come into your life. ‘New house, New outlook on life.’ Instead of burning this letter, you’ll save it somewhere private, and review the good that is sure to come throughout the year. Good luck!


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