May 25, 2013 by News

    Goodbye Google Reader – Save your Starred Reads with Evernote

    Google Reader is shutting down on July 1, 2013. Another useful Google app falling victim to the creation of flying cars and dizzying glasses, but I digress. If you were a GReader user and are concerned about losing all of your starred goods, check out ‘Export_gr2Evernote‘ to save the notes to Evernote.

    To make the process as seamless as possible/ you don’t have a mess of your notes, you have two viable options once downloading and running the app (Make sure you have an app like Text Wrangler for Mac or Notepad++ for Windows. 1. Export2HTMLFiles will export each starred note as individually numbered HTML files or a 2. ‘Export2Enex will run a version that dumps the files in enex form into your Evernote. Formatting is retained as much as possible on both of these options.

    Possibly another good reason to join the cult, err, I mean Evernote? Your stuff will stay forever! Get ‘Export_gr2Evernote here.

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