May 25, 2013 by News

    FileThisFetch: Make my accounting as simple as possible – please!

    In Josh’s chapter, INTEGRATE Your Money, he covers one of our favorite integrations – File This Fetch. The service retrieves your Financial, Purchase (i.e. Amazon) and Utility statements – periodically and adds them to the notebook of your choice… Insane! Why should you be jumping up and down right now?

    1. Hopefully you have gone/ will go green and having statements delivered to your inbox adds additional clutter to your overly cluttered inbox.

    2. You have gone green but in a rage over too many emails one day you added your statement emails to your spam filter.

    3. The retrieval process for statements at your bank, utility and even Amazon sucks. When you do need a statement, you have to enter special coordinates to retrieve it. How unproductive.

    4. File This Fetch add your statements to Evernote… Pro Tip: Add your statements, and any other financial information, w2s, 1099s, etc to one notebook. Share this notebook with your accountant and/or tax representative at tax time. Done! Check out File This Fetch here.

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