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    Evercontact: Automated, Productive Contact Management

    Evercontact by Kwaga scans your email inbox daily to find new contacts and the updated contact details of current contacts. Contacts are then automatically imported into your address book (Gmail, Outlook) or a CRM like Salesforce. One of our principal uses for Evercontact has been to keep our media and public relations contacts up to date. A good publicist is in high demand and can move between clients and industries. Evercontact has allowed us to seamlessly keep tabs on these extremely important relationships. We have used Evercontact to manage our company address book for the past two years and can honestly say that it’s a core part of our toolkit.

    How it works

    The service runs in the background (you don’t have to do anything), and looks for incoming email signatures to update your contacts.

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    Manual Contact Updates

    Contacts can be added manually as well from the web (LinkedIn, your web mail, etc) with a chrome plugin.


    If you’re just starting the path to automated contact management liberation, ‘flashback’ is an Evercontact feature that scans 1-5 years of your email history to update your address book or CRM

    Evercontact is reasonably priced at $45 per year. Let us know what you think about the service below.

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