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    DrumUp Your Content Marketing

     Drum Up is a web and mobile application that allows users to find, read and share content from around the web. Content suggestions are automatically recommended by the app, and Marketers, Brands (large or small) or simply Sharing Enthusiasts will find news that is current, relevant and interesting to a variety of users. The concept is not new. Aggregators have been popping up over the past few years to make social media discovery and management accessible, and without the high learning curve, or expense. DrumUp is one of the bests that I’ve seen. The app is also free and very easy to use.

    How To Use DrumUp (featured images are from the iOS mobile app)

    After signing up for DrumUp on the web or downloading the DrumUp app (available on both iOS and Android), you’ll add your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

    You will then be prompted to select a few areas of interest. The app features topics from Digital Marketing to Cars and your DrumUp feed will be populated with content on these topics daily. Sharing your content is simple. You’ll simply select the individual feeds that you want to send content to, add up to three hashtags (if you choose) and your content goes into a queue.

    DrumUp then posts to your profiles automatically based on an automatic or manual schedule.

    You can also post unique content from the app easily making DrumUP an all-in-one social manager. I do think the scheduling process could be slightly more automated. They have a 1-click scheduling feature, which allows you to schedule without taking the time to add hashtags, etc, but that’s per account and I would like to be able schedule posts for all of my accounts in same way. However, a birdie has told me this is in their roadmap, so I am confident in my recommendation. Try DrumUp here.


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