May 16, 2013 by News

    Diversity at CES


    When we were told by a high level Consumer Electronics (CE) Industry Executive that “there was NO case for Diversity/ Inclusion Initiatives at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)”… We took action. We created and marketed the First EVER Diversity@CES Mixer at the Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

    At event time, we had so many registrants, so many people that simply saw the evident need for the inclusion of ALL in the CE Industry that we need a BIGGER VENUE!

    We were also FEATURED by BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE, a recognized authority on business.

    Our Aims were:

    • To host the First CES Diversity Mixer at The Palms Hotel G Suite, a convenient and cost-effective setting during CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the country.
    • To showcase the new and innovative technologies of diverse business during The HUB: A Digital Showcase of Startup, Campaign or Educational Posters during the FIRST Diversity Mixer at CES.
    • To create actionable initiatives around the inclusion of ALL in CE and at CES.
    • To lay the groundwork for a coalition that will govern standards and metrics around INCLUSION of diverse groups in CE and CES.
    • To set an irreversible standard in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

    We did this and more. We’re on the home stretch of shifting the Consumer Electronics, Technology and Social Media/ Web 2.0 industries, demanding education, job creation and standards/ metrics that will indeed be measured from today forth… We welcome your help!

    Enjoy pictures from the mixer here.

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