August 25, 2014 by News

    Capture Your Ideas With #Moleskine Notebooks and #Livescribe Smartpens

    New notebooks combine intuitive feel of pen and paper with the latest digital technology

    Moleskine has designed a new series of notebooks which work with Livescribe smartpens to capture and transfer notes and images from paper to a computer or mobile device, giving people the ability to access their ideas whenever they need them. Along with transferring their ideas from paper to screen, people can use Livescribe smartpens to record audio linked to their written notes, and tag and flag items simply by tapping the on-page icons with the tip of the smartpen.

    The Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine feature classic design details including familiar round corners, a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and the “In case of loss, please return to…” label on the flyleaf. The Livescribe versions include an expandable inner pocket containing two bookmarks printed with smartpen buttons and controls. The paper is ivory-colored and acid-free, providing a clean, crisp surface for artists, writers, teachers, students and professionals to seamlessly incorporate their notes, sketches or drawings with their digital devices.

    “There’s something magical about writing on paper with a pen, it opens up your imagination and allows you to expand your thinking beyond the constraints of a keyboard,” said Gilles Bouchard, CEO of Livescribe. “With these new Moleskine notebooks and a Livescribe smartpen, you can tap into that inspiration, and store everything on your digital devices too.”

    On Handwriting

    “Far from disappearing, handwriting is developing into new forms,” says Maria Sebregondi, co-founder and VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine. “Whereas once it relied on a quill and inkpot, now we use roller pens, spray cans, or smartpens to capture our thoughts. We’re creating tools and services which bridge analog and digital methods for a more seamless experience. The Livescribe notebook is a further step in that direction, building on our previous partnerships with digital companies.”

    Livescribe’s latest model, the Livescribe 3 smartpen, connects to an iOS device via Bluetooth, sending each penstroke in real time to the Livescribe+ companion app. Other available models include the Livescribe Sky wifi smartpen, which sends notes and synced audio direct to Evernote via wifi, and the Echo smartpen, which uploads notes and audio to a computer or laptop via wired USB connection. All Livescribe smartpens will work with the Moleskine notebook as soon as any available software updates are installed.

    Limited stock of the new Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine, including the #1 and #2 series journals, are available for purchase now in the US and Canada.

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